Internship HP Code Wars

Are you good at solving algorithmic problems? How about building an application from scratch or fixing functionalities of a real application?

CodeWars is  a coding competition that challenges students to master a real application, go through bugs, requirements and environment issues. To make it more difficult, it’s a team-based competition, not an individual one! This means you also have to use your team-working skills, just like in a real work environment.

If you missed the 2014 edition, now it’s the perfect time to take this opportunity.

  • Form a team of 2 students, enroll it at and give us some details about you (name, email, university, year)

  • Solve the smart problems we’re releasing at the beginning of March and send us your solution

  • Do your best and hopefully, you’ll get selected to join the final stage of the competition, on 28th March.

2015 CodeWars Targul de cariere